Sarva Dharma Ashram                               l          SERVE          l          LOVE          l          GIVE          l          BE GOOD          l          DO GOOD          l          l BE KIND          l  

 Affiliated to Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India 


What Do We Need?

The single most important resource for community based organisations is human resources. To enable the Ashram to deliver it services to the community in a cost effective manner the Ashram is in much need of skilled volunteers, especially teachers. The services of the Ashram offers has grown immensely over the years, and there is much more that can done. 

The Ashram current services include: 

School Tuition's Dance Classess Drama Classes Education in Human Values
Team Building Yoga Singing Classes Cooking and Baking
Health and Hygiene Sewing Classes Computer Classes Home Care Workshops


The Ashram is therefore appealing to the public to please Join Us in whatever way one can in offering OUR BEST to SOCIETY

Contact Us now: 031 4063766, or 082 3553123      email:

Join Us


The Ashram is constantly looking at better ways to serve society on the basis of 'See a Need and Fill a Need'. Most of the Asham's activities are centred around the poor and needy. And among the poor and needy, children are the biggest beneficiaries of the Ashram's services. The time is now right to expand the Ashram's services further to include spiritually inclined, service oriented elderly. The Ashram is offering the community an opportunity to 'Retire, in Service to Humanity'. The Ashram offers a safe, secure and a spiritually charged environment for those that want to pursue a true life of service and prayer. This is the perfect opportunity and setting for those busy able bodied retirees to come and serve, pray and retire.

The Ashram is currently in process of building a dedicated Retirement Centre catering to the elderly retirees.