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 Affiliated to Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India 


The Ashram accepts donations in cash, and kind. For Donations in kind you can drop your donations off at the Ashram, or phone to arrange a pickup.

Donate Now 

Donations can be made by bank transfers, debit orders, or internet banking to: 

Banking Details:

Account Name Sarva Dharma Ashram 
Bank Nedbank 
Branch Code 132226 
Account Number 1322043965
Account Type Cheque 


Donation Options:   

Feeding Scheme: 21,000 meals are served every week
School Sandwiches  120 loaves of bread with filling Cost R1500 per day (Mon-Fri)
Ashram's Soup Kitchen 100kg or rice and vegetables per day Cost R1250 per day (Mon-Fri)
Sunday Feeding Breakfast for 500 children & lunch for 1000 people Cost 1500 


School Support Program

Every year poor and needy children from the community are given school stationery, uniforms, and other school apparel. Ashram Mantra Club members together with the school stationery and uniforms are sponsored their annual school fees. Because of the incentives offered by being part of the Mantra Club, the is seeing a healthy increase in numbers.  

Sponsor a child  Stationery, uniforms and school fees Cost R2500 per child
Ashram Operational Expenses 

Operational expense includes water and electricity, staff wages, fuel for vehicles, cooking items, maintenance, etc.  

Daily Expenses Operating Expenses Cost R5000 per day
Religious and Worship Programs

The Ashram offers the public an opportunity to sponsor the weekly, monthly and annual religious worship observances. All items are provided by the Ashram

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Religious Worship All prayer items are provided by the Ashram Cost R500 per religious day

Donate Now & Ashram Legal Status

School Sandwiches  R1500 per day (Mon-Fri) 
Soup Kitchen R1250 per day (Mon-Fri)
Sunday Feeding R1500
Sponsor a Child for School R2500 per child per year
Ashram Daily Expenses-Operational R5000 per day


Account Name Sarva Dharma Ashram 
Bank Nedbank 
Branch Code 132226 
Account Number 1322043965
Account Type Cheque 


The Sarva Dharma Ashram is an approved South African Revenue Service (SARS) Public Benefit Organisation. This means that a bona fide taxpayer making a donation in cash or of property in kind to a section 18A-approved organisation, is entitled to a deduction from taxable income if the donation is supported by the necessary section 18A receipt issued by the organisation.

The Ashram is also a certified BBBEE organisation entitling businesses to qualify for up to 25 points on their BBBEE score card   

 NPO no. 028/63

PBO no. 930/050/542

Taxpayer Reference no. 9199972192

BBBEE Certificate No. 5.Star.B0005 REV0       


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