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 Affiliated to Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India 


The Ashram's school support has become the most important and the largest program in terms of effort, financial resources and growing numbers. It is also the most successful program undertaken by the Ashram. Tens of thousands of rands is spent on stationery, uniforms, other school apparel and school fees every year. People generally holiday during the Christmas holidays, but not for the Ashram. Volunteers work tirelessly to collect stationery from collection points in Chatsworth.  

There are strict criteria for the receiving of school support. Children must be registered members of the Ashram's mantra club, and also be regular in the activities of the Ashram. Also children must produce their school reports to qualify for school support. Producing school reports proves that the child has attended school in the last year, and also a quick browse at the results and conversation wit the child that if he or she performs better they will get full support. This ensures that children are driven and motivated. Top performing mantra club members are also given full school fees.

School support also includes free tuition for children at the Ashram's library and resource centre by voluntary members of the community. The library and resource centre offers children and opportunity to complete their school work before going home. The library and resource centre also has computers for children that take computer studies.

School support is an all year round activity where cases are assessed and assistance given. The Ashram also assists with documents for school, school enrollments and go as far as giving a guarantee to the school that the child will attend school. The Ashram also provides transport from the Ashram to the local schools.

School support includes:          

Free Stationery Free Uniforms Free School Apparel School Fees
Transport to school School Sandwiches School documents Letters of motivation and reference to attend school
Library and Resource centre Free Tuition Computer Classes Motivational Workshops




School Support Program

The Ashram sponsors school children with stationery, uniforms, and other school apparel. Children that belong to the Ashram's Mantra club are given a full compliment of stationery and their annual school fees as an incentive and reward for being part of the Mantra Club. Every year thousands of Rands are spent on purchasing school stationery and uniforms. The School Support Program over the years has grown and is seeing the benefits of a long term commitment to helping children to attend school. 

Letter of Gratitude

"I would thank Swamiji for all the help that he has given me and my family. When I have a problem, no matter ho big or small, he is also willing to go out off his way to sort it out. Our Swamiji is like god sent to help the needy, I know from the bottom off my heart.

I myself know how much our Swamiji did for me. He went out of his way to build a house for me and many others in the area. I am a recovering drug addict and my Swamiji did not throw me away, he went out of his way to help me put my life in order. 

When my son was born 12 years ago Swamiji became his godfather, he took him under his care. Today Swamiji is still taking care of him and my other son. What can I say their love for Swamiji is os great that's why they are with him today to learn the right from the wronmg and don't become like their father.

There is so much to write about our Swamiji it will take me about 13 years cause everyday he was there to go out of his way to help, with food, money, knowledge of god and the most important thing is the love and caring for the people. Transport is not a problem when Swamiji is around, he is also willing to take the sick to the hospital.

Thank You Swamiji for taking care off my sons and the rest of my family. My God be with you always"

Hari Om

Dickson, Sally & Leeandra