Sarva Dharma Ashram                               l          SERVE          l          LOVE          l          GIVE          l          BE GOOD          l          DO GOOD          l          l BE KIND          l  

 Affiliated to Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India 

Feedding the Poor 1 horz


The Ashram's feeding scheme is one of the the biggest feeding schemes in Durban. 21 000 meals are served every week to the needy. This includes 3 meals a day in the Ashram's soup kitchen, a school feeding program, community feeding or mobile feeding points. The Ashram's feeding scheme extends way beyond the boundaries of Welbadacht & Chatsworth covering many more surrounding communities. The Ashram is also involved in many community emergency relief efforts during the year, and  the food hamper distribution program is regular activity at the Ashram. Every opportunity to help alleviate hunger in the community is taken up by the Ashram. 

Only vegetarian meals are provided by the Ashram 


3 tons of rice cooked per month

5000 school sandwiches are prepared per week                      100,000 food hampers are given per year
20 Community Feeding Points   3 Tons of vegetables per month is cooked                       600 loaves of bread per week  
2500 snacks given to children per month 1/2 ton of fruit distributed per month                        6 full-time paid cooks & staff 




Feeding the Poor

 Letter of Gratitude

"Hari Om. Firstly I would like to thank you and your family for the generous donation. It really means a lot to us. You giving us a donation is lke helping and feeding us. We at the Sarva Dharma Ashram being fed, given stationery every year , clothes, toys and school clothes and shoes. The Ashram really means a lot to us. It is said that 'A hand that serves is holy than lips that prays'. Your donation brings us a thousand smiles. We as the youth of the Ashram thank you for leanding a hand to us. The importance of your donation brings us joy, happiness and makes my stomach happy too"

Your Sincerly

Amanda Cele on behalve of the youth of the Ashram. Thanks again