Clothing the Poor


Letter of Gratitude

"Swamiji is a father to the whole nation, he loves each and every person in the Sarva Dharma Ashram. He offer goods to the needy and doesn't complain, He likes to share good knowledge with others. He's is well known for his good qualities. Every year he gives food parcels to other families. Swamiji doesn't choose any race or the colour of your skin he just love you. Swami is a friend, father, brother and an icon to us. Truly God blessed us with a knid hearted Guru. We all can't wait to be at Sunday so we can see his happy face. Children and adult recieve money at the end of the month. We all show gratitude towards him. The Ashram has more than 500 people coming every Sunday. donors come to the Ashram to offer whatever they have just because of Swamiji. May the good lord bless him"

Pinky William


Clothing the Poor horz