Likhit Japa-Mantra Club



Likhit Japa is small, potent and spiritually charged discipline that has many benefits. Some of the benefits are: 

  1. For children that write the name of the Lord continuously in large numbers, it increases their writing skills, memory and develops mind and hand synchronisation.
  2. Focusing the mind for long periods on dedicated task improves concentration which requires dedication and commitment. 
  3. The greatest benefit is that when ones focuses the mind on the name of God, the qualities of God pervades and permeates the mind, therefore changing the nature of the mind. 

The Ashram has a group known as the Mantra Club where people of all ages write numbers in large numbers. The mantras are counted and the top 3 individuals in the different age groups are given food hampers, toys and household goods as a reward. One must be a regular member to participate. The Mantra Club for children has membership of +500 children; the membership for adults is currently 200.

Club members are rewarded bountifully. Children are given full school bursaries which includes stationery, school uniforms including shoes, and school fees. Adults are given food hampers on all special occasions and most Sundays. They also get preference to clothing and many household items.

The Club is becoming very popular and numbers have been growing every year. This program has also encouraged the locals of Wlebedacht to participate in many other activities of the Ashram. The Ashram is seeing 3 generations of people involved in the Likhit Japa program. Most of the volunteers, and workers of the Ashram have been and are still members of the Mantra Club. All of the core group of children at the Ashram too have come from the Mantra Club. These are the real life results of Likhit Japa and its potency to transform the mind and individual.