Sarva Dharma Ashram                               l          SERVE          l          LOVE          l          GIVE          l          BE GOOD          l          DO GOOD          l          l BE KIND          l  

 Affiliated to Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India 


Daily Worship

Prayer and Worship is a daily activity at the Ashram. The Ashram's prayer & worship activities are based on the Hindu tradition, although it does recognize and accepts all religions, faiths and creeds. Prayer and Worship is open to the public daily. 

All Hindu festivals, religious days, & auspicious days are observed by the Ashram. The Ashram celebrates all festivals as per the Hindu calendar. Diwali is by far the biggest festival observed by the Ashram is celebrated on a large scale with much pomp and fanfare.

Shiv abhishegam is a regular Monday feature at the Ashram. All attendees take part in the abhishegam of the Shiva Lingam. Children from the community of Welbedacht enjoy the rituals and are always keen to be part of the worship ceremonies.    

The public is encouraged to take part in the the worship activities of the Ashram

Community Worship


A big part of the Ashram's worship programs is to involve and engage the community to participate in the Ashram's rituals, and prayers. Community worship for peace and prosperity is important to the Ashram as it is the people themselves that can make a difference lives through active participation together with prayer. Both are equally important towards growth, progress and prosperity.  

The Maha Yagna worship is annual community worship program whereby people from far and wide including the local communities are all invited to participate in the ritual and prayer. It is a prayer for the land and people, by the people, and is therefore very genuine and auspicious.   

The Friday's Devi worship is also another regular public worship program. The public especially womenfolk are invited to take part in this highly auspicious and blessed program.