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 Affiliated to Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India 


Music, drama, song and dance at the Sarva Dharma Ashram is a popular activity among the children and youth. Children from the local community of Welbedacht and Chatsworth have been receiving free Bharata Natyam classes from Krish Swamivel as a service to the Sarva Dharma Ashram children. Youth are now the main drivers behind all the music planning, script writing, choreography, and arrange their own rehearsals. The Ashram's children are well known in the Indian cultural sector in Durban, and have traveled to Johannesburg, and Cape Town to perform.

Children are also creating their own fusion of Indian, African, and Hip Hop which is extremely entertaining to the smaller children from the community. Drama portraying lessons and learnings of life, human values and also tradition Indian stories is a regular feature at the Ashram.  

"The Ashram is a platform for the children to express themselves. Children cannot remain still for too long, so instead of them running out & getting involved in unproductive activities we encourage them to take up dance, drama, & music. Children love to dance, act and sing, it's their nature" says Swami Ramkripananda.  

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Music and Song

The Ashram over the years has formed a core group of children that have grown up in the Ashram and through its activities. These children are the dedicated, committed and most regular at all the Ashram's activities especially the Ashram's satsanghs (bhajans). Children are now leading the Satsangh singing. Their enthusiasm are encouraging more and children to come forward and sing. The attending public are stunned at the performance of the children especially the fact that African children are fluently singing Indian bhajans.    


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Bhajan 1

Bhajan 2

Ram Naam

Song & Dance 

Song & Dance 2

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