Sarva Dharma Ashram                               l          SERVE          l          LOVE          l          GIVE          l          BE GOOD          l          DO GOOD          l          l BE KIND          l  

 Affiliated to Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India 

Youth Empowerment horz


The goal of all the Ashram's programs and activities is to empower the poor, needy and the weak to stand on their own feet, and move ahead in life.

The Ashram is a Participative Development Program, which means that, the poor, needy and the weak have to participate in their own growth. In other words people must be willing to change, for the better. The Ashram is means to a goal. Children at the Ashram are taught that they must become a regular participants of the Ashram's programs if they want to grow.

Over the years the Ashram has become a dynamic environment of activity, joy and growth. People from far and wide but more especially children, are actively involved in all activities of the Ashram including the daily routine tasks of the Ashram.

Children are offered:      


School Tuition's Dance classes Drama classes Education in Human Values
Spiritual Camps Fitness Classes-Gym Yoga Team Building
School Bursaries Tertiary Training Computer Classes Singing Classes
School Support Part Time Work Employment Opportunities Accomodation


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Adult and Women Empowerment

The Ashram's community outreach programs are family and community centred programs, whereby every member is given a chance to grow. This encourages growth and unity of families and the community. Besides focusing on children, the Ashram has programs for fathers and mothers too. The Ashram is a long term effort, commitment, and dedication to the community of Welbedacht. This has made the Ashram a household name in Welbedacht and surrounding communities. Similar to the children and youth empowerment the only requirement to be part of the Ashram's empowerment programs is, one must be willing to change themselves through self effort

The Ashram offers adults:  


Adult Literacy Classes  Skills Training Job Opportunities Cooking and Baking Classes
Sewing Classes Hairdressing and Beauty Classes Hygiene Workshops Home care Workshops



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